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1 Sep
Erasmus Mundus program | emPLANT

Following the emPLANT program, the new Erasmus Mundus emPLANT+ has been newly funded by the European Commission from September 2020 to August 2026.

emPLANT+ starts with a preparation year and is about to welcome its first students from academic year 2021-2022. Then 4 intakes of students will be funded.


Even if it is the continuity of emPLANT, there are some important changes in the new emPLANT+ program.

The Consortium is composed of 6 recognised European institutions:

  • Institut Polytechnique UniLaSalle in France (the coordinator)
  • The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Sweden
  • Szent István University in Hungary
  • The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna in Austria
  • The University of Milano in Italy
  • Universitat Politècnica de València in Spain

To have more information about the new emPLANT+ Consortium and about each insitution, click here.

There is a new Consortium so the curriculum of the program has changed. The students have access to 9 different mobility tracks.


88 full scholarships for students will be granted all along the project lifetime. Grants are dedicated to all applicants, regardless of their nationality.

Scholarships for guest lecturers will also be granted throughout the project.

The project is supported by nearly 30 associated partners from the professional, associative, research or academic world.


All the emPLANT+ Consortium is really excited to begin this new adventure!



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