Other funding - emPLANT+ Master

If you have not been selected for an Erasmus scholarship, you have different solutions below to help you financing your studies :

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Sponsored students

Private companies or Public institutions may offer some grants to students under given conditions. emPLANT+ consortium will indicate on its website whether such scholarships are available as well as the conditions to be met to access those private grants. You can also solicit on your side different seed companies in order to be financed during your studies.

In any case, such applicants have to apply normally and follow the same selection process as others. They will be evaluated according to the same criteria and ranked accordingly. Finally they need to appear at least in a complementary list to be accepted.

Consortium grants for academic years 2024-2026

The emPLANT+ consortium is offering 3 full grants for participation costs for academic years 2024-2026 (= emPLANT+ intake 4).

Which means that students selected to obtain these 3 grants must be able to pay for their own travel expenses, administrative fees, living expenses and all personal expenses during the two years of the emPLANT+ program.

Students selected to obtain these participation costs grants must spend one year in at least one of the following consortium universities:

  • Institut Polytechnique UniLaSalle (ULS) in France
  • Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Sweden
  • Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) in Spain

Applicants interested in applying for these 3 grants must apply during the first call for applications dedicated to scholarship applicants. This call is open from October 1st, 2023 to January 9th, 2024. Interested applicants must tick a special box in the application form. Before ticking that box, be sure that you can afford to pay all expenses apart from the participation costs.

National and International scholarships

Some students can receive grants from:

  • their government
  • their University of origin
  • their local administrations: Please consult your local authorities for further details about these grants

Several grants exist in Europe so if you’re a prospective international student planning to study in Europe at master’s level (such as emPLANT+), you might be eligible for a scholarship.

Please check the different possibilities on the Campus France website and Top Universities website.

If you are concerned by one of the possible scholarship and meet all requirements, we invite you to apply for one of those scholarships independently from your application to emPLANT+.

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Erasmus+ Master Loan

Erasmus+ Master Degree Loans are EU-guaranteed loans with favorable pay-back terms that can help you finance a Master course in an Erasmus+ Programme country.

If you have completed a Bachelor-level (or equivalent) qualification and already been accepted onto a full Master programme in a Programme country, you may be able to benefit from a loan.

To check all necessary conditions, please have a look on the Erasmus+ website.

Last updated : September 18, 2023