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Visa information

All information about applying for residence permit in Spain is found here.

Applications for visas must be done in the Spanish Consulate at the residence country.


One of the several requirements that you will need to meet when applying for a student visa for Spain is to show proof that you have health insurance with specific coverages that will cover you in the event of an accident or illness during your study stay in the country.

All emPLANT students are covered by Dr Walter Insurance Broker, complying with the requirements mentioned above.

More information about that insurance here.

Bank account

Spanish banks are required to open an account to anyone who wish. Some banks have good offers to international students. Banks in Spain are required to know a lot about their customers, therefore you should be prepared to bring the following documents:

  • Valid Passport and NIE (number written on the visa)
  • Certificate from the school you are attending including the duration of your studies
  • Address in Spain

Last updated : November 7, 2022