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Programme structure

emPLANT is a two year Master Programme of Excellence in the field of plant breeding and is composed of the following elements:

  • The Joint Integration Week (all emPLANT students together)
  • The first year of studies at LAS or SLU
  • The Joint Summer Breeding Field Camp (all emPLANT students together)
  • The second year of studies at UH, UPV or EgeU
  • The Final Conference and Diploma Ceremony (all emPLANT students together)

Two joint courses are taught each academic year.
The complete list of courses is available in the Course Catalogue section.

The programme structure is as follows:

emPLANT mobility tracks - master plant breeding
Preferred mobility tracks and specialisations

The Consortium offers 6 mobility tracks to combine the specialisations and strengths of all partners.
Preferred mobility track is asked in the application form.

First year at LAS or SLU

The two tracks at SLU and LAS are very similar and still complementary, setting the basics in terms of plant biology, breeding methods and biotechnological tools:

> LAS:

  • The courses introduction to seed business, plant reproductive system and phenotyping are unique at LAS
  • The education at UniLaSalle is focusing more directly on plant breeding, including plant genetics and practical aspects of plant breeding
  • The track at LAS will be more attractive for candidates interested in applied plant breeding

> SLU:

  • Parts of the course plant-microbe interaction are unique at SLU
  • Education at SLU is focusing slightly more on basic plant biology, including plant genetics and biology subjects of importance for plant breeding
  • The track at SLU will be more suitable for candidates interested in research and will target students with a high interest in biology
Second year at UH, UPV or EgeU

The three different tracks at UH, UPV and EgeU will provide the students with the opportunity to specialise in different crops:

  • UH: forest trees/field crops
  • UPV: fruits/ornamentals
  • EgeU: grapevine/vegetables
Language policy

All courses at SLU, LAS, UH and EgeU are taught in English, courses at UPV are taught in Spanish.
SLU and LAS offer Spanish courses to prepare students who select UPV for a B2 level for their stay (level B1 is compulsory at application stage).
All partners offer local language and culture courses to promote their academic success and facilitate their social and cultural integration.

Degrees awarded

Each student who succeeds the mandatory evaluations and who validates 120 ECTS, minimum 30 ECTS per semester, will receive a double degree, (i.e. the master’s degree of the year 1 institution and the master’s degree of the year 2 institution).
The degrees awarded are:

  • UniLaSalle Polytechnic Institute: Diplôme de Master Sciences et Technologie de l’Agriculture, de l’alimentation et de l’environnement (ST2AE), Parcours Plant Breeding (Sélection végétale, amélioration des plantes et créations variétales)
  • Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences: Masterexamen med huvudområdet Biologi – Degree of Master of Science with a major in Biology
  • Universitat Politècnica de València: Master Universitario Erasmus Mundus en Mejora Genética Vegetal por la Universitat Politècnica de València
  • Ege University: Master Programme Plant Genomics and Improvement, Department of Seed Science and Technology, Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences
  • University of Helsinki: Master of Science (Agriculture and Forestry), Master’s Degree Programme in Agricultural Sciences, study track Plant Production Sciences

All students will receive a joint emPLANT diploma supplement.
Degree issuing universities will also provide the student with an ECTS transcript of records with the grades and credits obtained.

Last updated : February 25, 2019