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Scholars / guest lecturers

The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in Plant Breeding – emPLANT – welcomes applications from leading academics and professionals from all over the world to be part of the programme as invited scholars / guest lecturers.

Objectives of stay of guest lecturers are varied: to teach and share knowledges with emPLANT students as well as take advantage of the stay to do some research and develop partnership with the host institution (working on joint articles, developing ongoing projects, strengthening the emPLANT network by identifying new ways of collaboration …).

For academic year 2020-2021, guest lecturers have five possible host universities:

  • UniLaSalle Polytechnic Institute (LAS, France)
  • the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU, Sweden)
  • Ege University (EgeU, Turkey)
  • Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV, Spain)
  • University of Helsinki (UH, Finland)

In order to see if you want to interact with our students on a topic taught in one the five universities of the consortium, please check the list of courses on the “Course Catalogue” section. You are also free to suggest a specific topic you want to share during your stay at the host institution.

photo Guest Lecturer emPLANT
Eligibility criteria

Guest lecturers are expected to teach courses or give seminars in their field of competence for at least 4 consecutive days in one host institution (travel time included).

The selection of scholars / guest lecturers is competition-based so the emPLANT Executive Board will pay attention to each application to see if it fits with their minimum requirements:

  • Each guest lecturer needs to have a good level in English since it is the language of instruction of the Master program (except in UPV where courses are taught in Spanish)
  • Specific attention will be given to applicants who demonstrate ability to teach at a high level and who have experience in his field of competence (either professors from higher education institutions or professionals from the private sector)
  • A guest lecturer paid by other EU funding scheme (including other Erasmus+ actions) cannot be considered eligible as every guest lecturers will receive a scholarship from the EMJMD in Plant Breeding
  • The consortium is an equal opportunity employer. Minority individuals and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply
Selection of applicants

Top-level guest lecturers will be selected by the Executive Board based on excellence and on Consortium needs according to the specific topic of expertise.
Applicants will be contacted for further information, if necessary.

Selected scholars / guest lecturers receive information about logistical aspects at the host institution and about the scholarship they will receive.

Please note that the emPLANT Executive Board may suggest modification of course contents should your proposal be accepted.

Guest lecturers’ scholarships

Selected scholars / guest lecturers will be offered a scholarship to cover travel and accommodation costs and pay a remuneration.

Details of the available scholarships are set below:

A “week” is defined as minimum 4 out of 7 consecutive calendar days. It is not possible to consider 8 consecutive days as 2 weeks.

Guest lecturers have also access to the facilities of the host universities (library, sports facilities, laundry facilities, computer rooms, etc.).

Apply as scholars / guest lecturers

So if you are a plant breeding expert and want to share your knowledges with our emPLANT students, don’t hesitate to apply as you will bring added-value to the curriculum!

To apply, please complete and send the application form and other requested documents to the e-mail address written in the document.

Last updated : September 17, 2020