Apply now - emPLANT Master call for student applications

Application deadlines:

Next emPLANT+ call for applications with Erasmus Mundus scholarship opportunity for academic year 2022-2024: October 1st 2021 to January 14th 2022

Please check the application procedure page for more information about the requirements to apply.

Please check the Frequently Asked Questions section before sending an e-mail with your query.

Important before applying
  • Make sure to check the detailed list of compulsory documents here
  • Make sure you are eligible by checking the admission requirements here
  • Be sure to know what is a Program Country and a Partner Country by checking here
  • Be aware that your application will be rejected without any possibility of appeal if your application is not complete or if you have uploaded wrong documents.

<=  Don’t forget to check the information logo when it is available beside a question in the form. It is here to specify the question.

Be careful! If you validate the part 4 named “validation” which corresponds to the 3 agreement boxes to tick, your application form is automatically submitted and you cannot come back to it to make any changes!

Check the application tutorial in clicking here.

Last updated : September 30, 2021