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Accommodation SZIU

Please note that, since the dormitory has limited places, newcoming scholarship holders have priority. Senior students’ accomodation in dormitory is subject to their good behaviour and academic performance. 

Gödöllő dormitory is situated on the territory of the Campus.
Address: 2100 Gödöllő, Páter Károly u. 1., tel.: +36-28-522-971

Gödöllő Dorm coordinator:
Ms. Beata Kárpáti

Please send the Hostel application form directly to the dormitory international coordinator, Ms. Bea Karpati. The dorm in Gödöllő offers double and quadruple rooms for newcomers.
In case you are a Stipendium Hungaricum / SCYP / FAO scholarship holder, your accommodation fee will be covered by the scholarship programme. Please note that FAO scholarship covers accommodation only in the dormitory.

If you have an accommodation outside our dormitory, please let us know.

Please, also note that due to the huge over-demand, the dorm maintains its rooms only for students, so if you arrive with your family, you have to find an accommodation other than the dormitory. We kindly ask for your understanding.

univ restaurant
Food on campus

Food is important; and Hungarian food has a good reputation for being delicious. During the week, lunch is served at the school cafeteria from 11:30 to 2:30. The other meals of the day are your responsibility. A meal at Alma Mater Étterem (the big cafeteria on campus) can be anywhere between 600 HUF (student menu, or DIÁKMENÜ – you will need your student card to get it) and 1000 HUF. If you choose to cook, that will be cheaper – food prices are about the European average in Hungary.
The dormitories have kitchens equipped with a cook top and a fridge, so cooking is usually no problem once you have all your cookware and tableware. Also, there are three cafes in the main building, three more in the main dormitory and one on the corner of the A hostel building. Two grocery stores are within a minute walking distance from the main building.

Last updated : May 12, 2021