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Application deadlines

The second call for applications for academic years 2024-2026 is open for self-funded applicants from January 15, 2024 to January 29, 2024 at 11:59pm (CET).

Candidates from all over the world can apply for the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in Plant Breeding – emPLANT+.

All countries worldwide are eligible to the Erasmus Mundus scholarship.

Both scholarship and self-funded applicants have to submit their application through the same online application form available here when the call is open.

1- Admission requirements

If you are interested in applying for the Erasmus+ Master Programme in Plant Breeding, please check if you meet the requirements below:

  • Awarded Bachelor of Science degree (min. 180 ECTS) in Agriculture/Agronomy, Plant Biology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Master 1 Genetics, Molecular Biosciences or related relevant fields
  • OR students in their last Bachelor year
  • For applicants who have done their BSc studies in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Nepal, Nigeria and Pakistan, there are compulsory additional requirements in order to apply:
    • If your grading system is out of 4 or 5: you must have achieved at least 90% of the maximum score (examples: you can apply with a CGPA from 3,6 out of 4, or more. You can apply with a CGPA from 4,5 out of 5, or more)
    • If your grading system is out of 10 or 100: you must have achieved at least 80% of the maximum score (examples: you can apply with a CGPA from 8 out of 10, or more. You can apply with a CGPA from 80 out of 100, or more)
    • AND you have to be in the 10% best of your class and you have to provide a justification of it from your supervisor.
  • Language proficiency:
    • B2 in English except when English is your mother tongue. If not, please provide one of the following documents:
      • Official English test:
        • TOEIC: minimum 785 points
        • IELTS: minimum 6.0
        • TOEFL: 577 paper-based, 233 computer-based, 90 internet-based (20 written)
        • Cambridge: Certificate of Advanced English
      • Or a University letter attesting English is the medium of instruction of your higher education (Students with such a certificate will have to pass an official English test answering the minimum requirements written above at the latest during their first emPLANT+ study year, in order to be accepted in the second year university)
    • Spanish: for those applying to UPV in year 2, a level B1 is needed by the beginning of the second year (not required at the time of application). Official test: DELE, ALTE, etc…
  • Application received before the end of the deadline
  • Application form filled out in English
  • Application containing all requested elements and documents
3- Information about the online application
  • The application form must be filled out in English
  • The online application procedure takes some time so make sure you have plenty of time to do it. Or do it in several times
  • Before starting your application, make sure you have all the required documents you will have to attach to your application and in a PDF format
  • All documents must be in English language. If it is not the case, add an English translation done by a certified, court-approved translator officially recognized by the issuing country
  • Check the application tutorial
  • Don’t wait the last moment to apply or the platform might shut down due to too much applications received at the same time
  • After submission of your application, you will receive an automatic acknowledgement of receipt by e-mail
  • You can’t submit more than one application
2- Documents required to apply

If you meet all requirements and want to apply to emPLANT, the following list of documents will have to be attached to the application in a PDF format:

  • Copy of your diploma(s) / degree(s) certificate(s) (add an English translation if applicable) or enrolled certificate from your university (for last year students)
  • Copy of transcript of records for your whole degree and a grading scale (add an English translation if applicable)
  • For applicants with a BSc obtained in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Nepal, Nigeria and Pakistan, please provide a certificate of your ranking as mentioned in the box 1 – Admission requirements
  • Copy of official language certificate attesting language skills in English and Spanish if applicable
  • Curriculum Vitae in a European format
  • Passport (or valid ID document)
  • Proof of current and exact place of residence (see requirements below)
  • Two signed recommendation letters (no specific format, except that letters must be signed and written on an official document with the logo or the letterhead of the university/company)
  • Declaration on honor (download template)
  • Other document you consider relevant for the application


  • Certificate of residence
The purpose of the residence document is to prove your current place of residence so your current postal address. Which means your name and your own address need to appear on the document as well as the date of issuance of the document.
That is why we need a document as described in the chart below:

Residence certificate issued in accordance with the candidate’s municipality normal registration rules OR Certificate from the candidate’s current place of work, study or training issued by the employer or institution in question
Must have been issued by an official institution within 12 months before the application deadline

Be careful we won't accept "work certificate" from the company you are working in. We want to have your current personal postal address and not your working address. We won't accept your birth certificate either or your passport.

  • All documents must be in English language. If it is not the case, add an English translation done by a certified, court-approved translator officially recognized by the issuing country
  • If you are selected to emPLANT+ you must provide legalized documents such as your diploma, transcript of records or birth certificate. Those documents are not required at application stage so you don’t need to initiate expenditures in case of a non-selection of your application
  • Referees often take time to write their recommendation letters so we strongly recommend you to take care of it well in advance
Use of Personal Data

Please take due note of the policies by which the EACEA (Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency) collects, manages and uses the personal data in the context of managing mobility projects.

If you are selected (proposed for a scholarship/fellowship, put on the reserve list or enrolled on a self-paying basis) to be part of an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree your data may be used for the purposes of evaluating the programmes, efficiently manage the projects, and producing statistics. Data could be made available to the EACEA, the European Commission, the European External Action Service staff, as well as to other stakeholders of the Erasmus+ programme, such as Erasmus+ National Agencies, National Erasmus+ Offices and the Erasmus Mundus Student and Alumni Association.

If you want to have an overview of the use of personal data by the EACEA, please read their Privacy Statement document.

Information relating to individuals is collected and used in accordance with the Regulation (EC) No 45-2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18.12.2000 of the Protection of Individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by the Community institutions and bodies
and on the free movement of such data (OJ L8 of 12.1.2001, p 1)

Last updated : January 23, 2024