Success story of a student from Intake 1 - emPLANT Master

29 May
Success story of an emPLANT student. Master Plant breeding. Erasmus Mundus

Success story of a student from emPLANT first intake: Attiq Ur Rehman.

The emPLANT consortium would like to put emphazise on his students who are about to graduate or already graduated. Today this is the success story of a student from Intake 1 who is about to graduate. And tomorrow many more success stories will be shared. You can also check our social media webpages for more information about our students: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Attiq will finish his studies in August 2020 and has already been offered a position as a Research Scientist.
He has been selected among 47 applicants. Congratulations! All the emPLANT community is proud of you.

He has been offered a Research Scientist position at Luonnonvarakeskus (Luke) Horticultural Experimental Station in Piikio, Finland.
The area of research will be ‘Development of tools for genome-based breeding for resilience and fruit quality traits in Strawberry’. It is important to note that the position is envisioned to result in a Ph.D. degree from the University of Helsinki (emPLANT consortium partner) within coming 4 years.
His tasks will include
1) developing observation methods and automation of the observation data acquisition by high-throughput phenotyping
2) genome-wide association studies
3) development of DNA markers as well as genomic selection models for strawberry breeding program in Finland.
It seems like an interesting position which is not exclusively a job and nor an exclusive study place rather both at the same time and will start from August 2020.

Last updated : June 11, 2020