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16 Mar
emPLANT, selection results, intake 3, scholarship, Erasmus Mundus

It is time for the selection results of the 3rd cohort of emPLANT under Erasmus Mundus scholarship!


At the end of this post you will find the selection results of candidates under Erasmus Mundus scholarships for Intake 3 (2020-2022) of emPLANT.

The file contains a main list and a reserve list for the two categories of applicants: Partner Country and Program Country candidates (see differences between both categories here).

Selected applicants for an EM-scholarship are listed in the main lists.

All applicants (both main and reserve list) are going to receive an e-mail from the emPLANT Executive Board with information about the selection results, please wait for it.

In the file below, you will also find information about the management of the reserve list:

Intake 3 (2020-2022) – Selection results EM-scholarships – Main and reserve lists

Last updated : March 16, 2020