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Visa information
European students

If you come from Europe (including Switzerland, Monaco and Andorra), you don’t need any visa to come and study in France during your first master year.

Non-European students

Visa procedure is generally quite long (it can take 2-3 months), so be careful and better start the procedure as soon as possible.

To start your first year in Beauvais – France, all non-Europeans will need a student multi-entry long-stay visa (named VLS-TS in France) valid for one year which will allow you to travel within the Schengen area.

The visa application can be done through a special website set up by the French government:

Before applying for a VLS-TS, you must obtain a document proving that you have been accepted by a higher education institute in France.

Your passport must be valid long enough to cover your stay in the Schengen Area (valid until 3 months after the expiry of your visa).

Campus France: Obtaining a long-stay visa under the CEF procedure

If your country is a member of the Campus France network, you must also obtain approval (avis favorable) from Campus France following specified procedures.

The CEF procedure offers prospective students the benefit of guidance and support over the entire application and admission process. It also allows students to track the progress of their applications and to request their visa online. Prospective students who open a personal account on the Campus France Website in their country are able to prepare an online admission application and to chat with the staff of the local Campus France office and with representatives of the institutions to which they hope to be admitted.

If you come from a country where the Campus France procedure is compulsory and if you want to spend your first emPLANT year at UniLaSalle, please open a personal account on the Campus France website right after receiving your acceptance letter.

Accommodation insurance and civil liability insurance

If you live in France, this type of insurance is compulsory. At your arrival on campus you will be automatically registered to an accommodation insurance as the fees are included in the participation costs of the programme. Except if you don’t live on campus, in that case you will have to take care about your registration and payment on your side.

It is also compulsory in France to have a civil liability insurance. If you are registered to the accommodation insurance of the school, the liability insurance will automatically be included.

Health insurance
  • Students from the European Economic Area
    You have to provide to UniLaSalle your European health insurance card (nominative, individual and valid one year)
  • Students from outside the European Economic Area

If you are under 28 years old
You must subscribe to the Student French Health Care (Sécurité Sociale étudiant) even if you are affiliated with another foreign public regime or a private insurance. At your arrival on campus you will be automatically registered to the Social Security for student as the fees are included in the participation costs of the programme.

If you are over 28 years old
You can’t subscribe to the Social Security for student but you will have to register to the CMU (another Social Security). It is free of charge and all necessary information will be given to you upon arrival by the International Relation Office of UniLaSalle.

In France, all residents regardless of status, must be registered in the Social Security and are consequently covered of about 70% of any medical treatment.
The remaining 30% can be covered by private insurance companies which usually offer advantageous rates to students.

All emPLANT students are covered by Dr Walter Insurance, a complementary insurance for the remaining 30%.

More information about that insurance here.

Bank account

If you are staying in France for more than 3 months, you can open a bank account (free of charge) in any French bank. The opening of a bank account will provide you with a credit card (cost for international credit card is around 40-50€/year according to the bank).

It is really easy to open a bank account in France, you need to provide:

  • Photocopy of passport & visa (and bring the original with you)
  • Proof of accommodation (delivered by International Department upon your arrival)
  • Proof of enrolment/ “certificat de scolarité” (delivered by International Department upon your arrival)
  • French student card

It is mandatory for all non-European students to open a French bank account as well as emPLANT scholarship holders (both Programme and Partner Country).

If you are a European student who don’t receive an emPLANT scholarship, you are not obliged to open a French bank account but it is strongly recommended to facilitate your everyday life.

Last updated : April 19, 2019