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23 Mar
emPLANT+ Selection results, intake 1, scholarships, Erasmus Mundus

It is time for the selection results of the 1st cohort of emPLANT+ under Erasmus Mundus scholarship!


At the end of this post you will find the selection results of candidates under Erasmus Mundus scholarships for Intake 1 (2021-2023) of emPLANT+.

The file contains a main list and a reserve list for the two categories of applicants: Partner Country and Program Country candidates (see differences between both categories here).

Selected applicants for an EM-scholarship are listed in the main lists.

All applicants (both main and reserve list) are going to receive an e-mail from the emPLANT+ Executive Board with information about the selection results, please wait for it.

In the file below, you will also find information about the management of the reserve list:

Intake 1 (2021-2023) – Selection results EM-scholarships – Main and reserve lists

Last updated : May 7, 2021